Friday, April 16, 2010

Paul Kimball - ghost investigation at the Waverley Inn

From my new podcast The Other Side of Truth:

Ever wonder what goes on during a ghost investigation? Well, for me, it always involves, among other things, trying to make contact with the spirits (should they exist, a point on which I am definitely a sceptical agnostic) through whatever means necessary. In one of the episodes we filmed for the Eastlink TV series Ghosts Cases which I co-hosted in 2009, Holly Stevens and I investigated an old hotel in Halifax, N.S. that is supposedly haunted by the ghost of two spinsters who once owned the place, as well as the ghost of Oscar Wilde, who stayed there whilst on a reading tour of Canada. At the end of the evening, Holly set herself up in one of two bedrooms where allegedly paranormal activity had taken place, and I set myself up in another - a room with an old painting on the wall of three rather attractive young women playing music, which had fallen a couple of times with no explanation. What you will hear in this episode are excerpts from my investigation of that room, culminating in what had to be one of the most unique tactics I had cooked up in the entire 13 episode run to make contact!

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  1. Hi Paul,

    I just googled to see if anyone else had experienced anything at the Waverly and I saw your post on PSICAN. I expected someone to have something to say, I didn't expect to find an almost identical experience to my own! I was sitting outside the room on the upper tier of the 3rd floor when I heard a rattling in the closet, the door was open, and it was one of those things where it felt like for sure a person was in there. I could sense and hear a person folding linen and shifting around. I walked past it about a minute later and no one was in it. Was a very weird feeling, thanks for sharing.